Professional, affordable book covers and promotional art for the Indie Author

C. E. Vance

"I have been in love with this cover from the moment I saw it! I have gotten many compliments on it from fans and other authors. My Fantasia cover has grabbed the attention of readers, creating a buzz about my work and helping with sales. Thank-you!!"

Jessica, Mackenzie, Meredith, and Stephanie Jackson

"Mrs. Lipman was wonderful to work with. Not only is she easily approachable (we approached her over DeviantArt), but she worked well with our ideas to incorporate it into a beautiful and original book cover. While our book is not fantasy driven, her work with Fantasia Covers can fit any genre and be just as eye-catching. We greatly recommend her."

Catherine Banks

USA Today Bestselling Author

Fantasia Covers is magical to work with. She offers gorgeous premades, but can also create stunning custom covers with little direction. I always enjoy working with her and highly recommend her services to all of my friends.”

Alana K. Haase

" I have worked with Sharon Lipman of Fantasia Covers for 2 book covers and the accompanying promotional materials. She is an amazing artist and extremely professional to work with. In particular the cover of my last book, The Woman at the Well never fails to elicit a "gasp! Who did that cover?" from people who are seeing the gorgeous art for the first time! It always gives me great pleasure to recommend Sharon and Fantasia Covers! She is exceptional!  

L. L. Akers

"Sharon took an idea I had and brought it to fruition with a creative flair that managed to catch the eye of the post-apoc community, bringing them running and nearly tearing down the doors to get in..."