Professional, affordable book covers and promotional art for the Indie Author

C. E. Vance 

"I have been in love with this cover from the moment I saw it! I have gotten many compliments on it from fans and other authors. My Fantasia cover has grabbed the attention of readers, creating a buzz about my work and helping with sales. Thank-you!!"
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Jessica, Mackenzie, Meredith, and Stephanie Jackson 

"Mrs. Lipman was wonderful to work with. Not only is she easily approachable (we approached her over DeviantArt), but she worked well with our ideas to incorporate it into a beautiful and original book cover. While our book is not fantasy driven, her work with Fantasia Covers can fit any genre and be just as eye-catching. We greatly recommend her."

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T K Kahn 

“The cover is perfect!  I'm so happy with it!”

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Kelly Blanchard 

"Sharon was fantastic to work with! I described to her the basic idea of the story and the character I wanted on the cover, and she immediately came back with amazing work. We had to tweak a few of the details here and there, changing the colors, shadows, position of the elements, and the font, and she was extremely patient with me when I asked if we could try changing the primary color from orange to more teal or something like that. She has all the elements of the cover there originally. It was just a process of rearranging them--brainstorming different ideas. She wants her clients to have the best cover she can give them, so she will work with you. I would highly recommend her."

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K. R. Morrison 

"When I first decided how I wanted my book cover, I had several people make the attempt for me. Every one of them was terrific in its own right, but none of them conveyed the look I wanted. But Sharon understood the imagery I was trying to get across, and she came closer than anyone else to what I was trying to get. Her cover thrilled me to pieces!!"

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